About company

        TRISS VENTURES LTD is the supplier of fabrics and accessories for the textile and consumer goods industry. Our company more than 10 years is constantly developing and offering fresh and innovative solutions for our customers and business partners. There is a wide range of choices for fabrics and accessories from the world's leading manufacturers in the assortment of our company. We constantly monitor the market developments and trends and offer our clients both classic collections and the most advanced world technologies.

          We will also help you find the most trustworthy and reliable suppliers of your goods in different countries of the world. We can find you the best Partners in China, in Turkey, in Europe, in Russia and CIS countries.

        We will assist you in finding potential customers and expand your business in the fields of:

    ∙  Textile and consumer goods industry;
    ∙  Furniture industry;
    ∙  Leather haberdashery goods;
    ∙  Purchase of equipment for your production facilities;
    ∙  Delivery of goods from around the world.

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